Waviest Music Videos of 2016

Rihanna – Work

Everything about this video is iconic from the styling to the actual song to the fact that you get two videos back to back. It’s lit. The perfect mesh of dancehall and pop, this whine inducing anthem is high-energy but simultaneously riddled with real life complex emotions. This is the anthem of 2016.

Anohni – Drone Bomb Me

Even watching Naomi Campbell cry is a statement.

Solange – Don’t Touch My Hair

Words cannot express how important this track is for the evolution of us! My colleague tried to touch my hair and I pinged her a link to this video 🙂 Lmao.
Side note, this is the magic that is produced when your husband is about the same life as you (Directed by Mr and Mrs Alan Ferguson & Solange Knowles).

Pick Up The Phone

This was one of those iconic tunes of 2016 and the visuals are similarly encapsulating. I can’t decide if the nude women is a comment on the objectification of women or if it’s just art.

Kanye West – Fade

When no-one ain’t around, I think I think too much.

I’ll forever be in love with the simple premise and execution behind this video – a beautiful black woman with an amazing body dancing in a gym. I’m still ouchea tryna decipher the Kanye commentary behind the Teyana feline face – I know there’s some artsy logic behind it.

Beyonce – Hold Up

I’d put the whole of Lemonade on here if I could because the entire visual album is groundbreaking shit. An unequivocal performance by Beyoncé – 5eva infatuated.

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