Watch the trailer for RONIEBOND documentary “GASH”

We’ve just released the first trailer for our documentary “GASH”, a film that explores women in underground music and media. Featuring groundbreaking art scene hustlers such as Sian Anderson, Siobhan Bell and Miraa May, GASH is the first exposé of it’s kind to focus solely on women who are making waves within the industry.

We spoke to the film director and RONIEBOND founder Abigail Adeoti about the inspirations behind the film and more.

Let’s start with the film title, why GASH?

GASH was a derogatory term used mainly by mandem to refer to women, so in 2009 you had tunes like “Gash by the Hour” by Nu Brand Flexxx and that song perfectly encapsulates the way the word gash was used, to dehumanise women and sexually objectify them.

My brother came up with the name and my girl Camille was like what does it stand for? and I came up with grime and art scene hustlers, I changed this to groundbreaking art scene hustlers because I feel like grime is such a big buzzword right now it’s almost lost its real meaning. But the film is very much rooted in Grime mentality especially it’s DIY, underground ethos.

What inspired you to make the film?

I enjoy shouting about people who are doing great work. That’s why I set up RONIEBOND. I feel like women in particular don’t get enough recognition for their work. I started RONIEBOND in summer 2016 and at that time I was doing written features and original photography, I got a bit bored and started thinking about doing video but I couldn’t think of a way to make it work.

Then in April 2017, Nathan Miller released LDN and I was honestly so moved. I had my friend @nirexola come to my house and watch it with me, like it was such a big deal. I thought it was brilliant that there was someone from within the scene telling the story of the scene and it was so well-made and full of energy. I was a bit pissed that there weren’t many female voices represented though, I think there was Vicky Grout and that was about it. Then the light bulb went off in my head and I’ve been thinking of this film since then.

How did you go about making the film?

I emailed Nathan and he replied and was like “yes this is sick”, we sat and talked and he made me consider things I’d never thought of and he has been great support throughout the process.

I kinda just immediately started emailing people. The more people I spoke to, the more clarity I gained around what I was trying to do and how I could do it. Then I got my camera and my tripod and literally just went to meet people and interview them. I winged the entire process and it’s been hard and frustrating – you know trying to schedule meetings, travelling with heavy equipment and working independently on something you’ve never done before. I’ve celebrated after each step I’ve taken, after each interview, each positive response email, each bit of great feedback has kept me going.

When’s the film out?

I’m looking at April 2018 but I wanna put it out right. I want to tell the story right. I don’t want to rush the process.

We (RONIEBOND) are also working on a zine that will accompany the film, it will add a bit more depth to the various stories and it’ll be a comment on London, underground creative female culture at this point in time. I’m excited for that.

You can find Abigail Adeoti on Instagram @abs.rb and you can view more of her work on @byabs.rb.


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