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GASH the Documentary

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GASH the Documentary

Watch GASH on YouTube now and follow RONIEBOND on Soundcloud for the podcast series of exclusive interviews from the documentary project produced by RONIEBOND.

The project is entitled GASH, with the intention of subverting the negative connotations around the derogatory slur by redefining it with the acronym Groundbreaking Art Scene Hustlers. Featuring the stories of BBC 1Xtra DJs Sian Anderson and Melody Kane aswell as breakthrough artists such as Tali Whoah, Shauna Shadae and Miraa May (who recently released her EP Care Package), GASH is the epitome of a DIY project. With no external funding, audio recorded on an iPhone and a single camera, the documentary nods to the energy and aesthetic of early Grime content on platforms such as Risky Roadz.

The story continues through podcasts on RONIEBOND Soundcloud, watch and listen below.


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