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Top 3 Jorja Smith Quotes


Top 3 Jorja Smith Quotes

From self-shooting the video for “Where Did I Go” and still looking unequivocally flawless (despite none of the big-budget staging we’re used to) to then popping up on a Drizzy track reinventing a banger (I mean, how many people you know can do Black Coffee so good?), Jorja Smith is like, a dream.

Since the 782 playlist cropped up on roniebond.com way back when, Jorja has pretty much been a mainstay – she’s like the perfect balance between beautiful, talented and sassy.

Recent big moves she’s been making include, casually doing a world tour at 19. Pulling up and doing a madness at Sofar sounds and appearing in some of the wickedest fash-mags of today and serving looks; I’m talking Paper Mag, Phoenix and Schon!!!

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Ok like. Mad? Right? Love her? Right.

A dream.

It’s only right we take a look at our fave Jorja Smith one-liners… Not because they’re super deep and super heavy (riddled with puns and what not), but because they’re so concise and featherlight.

If we could all articulate and evaluate our relationship failings as well as Jorja Smith does, the world would probably be a better place. In fact the banger that she appeared on the scene with was ‘Blue Lights’, a track that adopted Dizzee Rascal’s “Sirens” and flipped it on it’s head (in a sense).

“I wanna turn those blue lights into strobe lights”

The opening line on Blue Lights is such a beautiful nod to the contrasts and paradoxes of modern life, we all got issues but really we just wanna enjoy life, you know like that?

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“Boy you’re driving me crazy
Although I say nothing can phase me”

You know when you’re trying to do poker face and front like you are that bitch who is untouchable… But like really and truly you’re doing backflips inside. Yes. Yes. This is it.

“Didn’t your mother ever tell you love yourself?”


Beautiful Little Fools nods to a line in the Great Gatsby where Daisy the lead female, who is essentially the cause of all of Gatsby’s life catastrophe, says the best thing a woman can be is a beautiful little fool. In 1920s America, this very may well have been the case. But today, it’s so beautiful to look out at the horizons of female capabilities and just think yes b… We can do anything.

What’s your fave Jorja line?

Perhaps this entire piece was just a glorious opportunity for us to rant about our love for Jorja Smith. Or maybe it was to remind you to check out the 782 playlist. It’s on Apple Music (and Spotify).

Love for reading this. Be sure to follow us on socials to stay in the loop.

Jorja Smith by Vicky Grout


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