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Tolly T aka Tolani

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Tolly T aka Tolani

The Receipts podcast explores some of the MOST pertinent topics in the most authentic and interesting way. With almost 10k Soundcloud listeners, and a certified home on 1Xtra to say The Receipts is the leading UK podcast would be an understatement. We had to catchup with Tolly T aka Tolani – a voice on the Receipts, a hdigital content creator and an incredibly inspiring hustler to talk all things growth, creativity and hustle.

Introduce yourself for those who don’t know you…

I am Tolly or Tolani depending on how well you know me or how much you’re paying me. I am a journalist, podcaster and a whole round content creator. My background is mainly in beauty and lifestyle Journalism. I am an Essex girl, via Nigeria, but more Nigerian.

You’re most well-known for the Receipts podcast and also your journalistic work, what made you start the podcast and what advice would you give to other individuals looking to start a platform where they can share their stories and opinions?

We started the podcast because we wanted to have a space where our stories were told. I am a huge fan of podcasts and found that everything I was listening to didn’t reflect me, they didn’t have my stories so we started it. My advice for anyone who wants to start a platform is just to start. I think sometimes as creatives we procrastinate and use timing as an excuse. It might not pop straight away, but just start.


How different is recording the live show to speaking without a live audience? What do you enjoy more?

The live show is always so much fun, we are very much “you can sit with us” so getting to see peoples faces, getting to laugh together is so good. But recording without an audience means we can look like crap and means we are so free. I have had so many recording sessions when I was not in the mood at the start and by the end, we are laughing. It always feels like therapy.

What has it been like growing the Receipts? What was the journey like in the beginning? Did you ever feel discouraged or did having the support of the team help you on your journey?

Thankfully, the growth of The Receipts was organic, which I am so grateful for. And because I am doing this with 2 other people it means I have people to help on the journey. Did I ever feel discouraged, well yes? When we first started I had people I know said that I was “finishing myself” by talking on the podcast. Also, we have faced many L’s which can feel discouraging, but you just carry on.

Do you have a favourite Receipts episode? And why?

I have so many episodes that I love for so many different reasons. I really enjoyed episode 5, I feel like it was the first time we really let our emotions out. I also loved the episode with Nadiae Jay and Dotty. I laughed so hard in those two episodes.


I’m sure you never really predicted your journey would be what it is but what’s one big challenge that you’ve faced as a broadcaster that you or people watching your evolution would never have expected?

Doing what I do means I give people alot of myself, and I think being so close to my work means I am so precious about it. So a challenge would be learning to know what’s personal and what’s work and how much of yourself should you really give.

Of course, we’ve been following the journey and we know that you recently went freelance! How has that been?

Freelancing is hard! I want everyone to know that you are your own boss and that sounds great on paper, but it also means you are accountable for everything. You have to learn to motivate yourself, to get your own work in. You can have off days, but you pay for that and you will be chasing invoices.

I would love to say I have it all figured out and I have all the structure and that I keep myself motivated, but I don’t. I am still working on it.

Favourite song right now?

Right now it’s Jacob Banks Peace of Mind.


Favourite other podcasts/podcasters/YouTubers?

I love The Read, Dirty John and Black Gal Talkin.

What coming up next? Where can we find you? And what can the RONIEBOND community do to support you?

Hopefully lots of exciting things. I am writing a play that will be shown at Bunker Theater next year. And for the podcast, we will carry on making great content and hopefully be taking up all the spaces. You can find me on socials @tolly_t you can find the podcast out every Wednesday at 12:00am on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud.


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