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ThinklikeKandie – RONIEBOND Style Feature

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ThinklikeKandie – RONIEBOND Style Feature

We met up with Kandie to talk about style, life and goals and it was an enlightening experience. Check the full feature below.

Kandie comes across as super sweet and stylish on Instagram, the kind of girl you admire for many reasons including the fact that she has perfected the art of posing, she’s mastered her angles and is the Queen of smizing. But her perfectly curated page veils an entrepreneurial mastermind with so much positive energy it’s unreal.

Since she started sharing her incredible style on Tumblr in 2014, then on Blogspot and now on Instagram, she has bloomed mentally, financially and professionally. Her incredible talent for thrifting, being resourceful and pulling together incredible looks have bagged her a serious cult following including the likes of Fucci  and Alissa Ashley.

Every look she shares goes viral and she has no qualms sharing secrets to flawless aesthetic “white is great for Instagram, Facetune that!” – think of Dazhane’s instagram, her early blogging pal.

She’s beautiful, smart, ambitious, really hard working, positive and she thinks like and has the mentality of a cocaine kingpin.’**

“My parents immigrated from Nigeria to here and they had no clue what they were going to do” she starts, “then my dad left my mom and my mum stayed here and she had four kids  but she still figured out how to live, how to become a citizen, how to grow her life over here so I think when I think of my life, I have the same kind of feel as this, I need to just spread my wings and do something that’s different from the life I have now so I can really grow my brand and myself.”

It’s almost impossible not to be a hustler when you’ve witnessed the instability of the mainstream job market and being born to immigrant parents is added motivation. We’re so privy to potential opportunities and the full scope of the world’s offering, settling for less is called playing yourself.

When we meet she teams a £1 denim jacket (that she customised) with an Alexander Wang bra in May weather and she’s looking like money. Her internet personality is even better IRL and when I locked my key in the boot of my car and we had to wait an hour for the AA, Kandie swears the secret to her positivity is the Bible.

“I’ve actually always been super positive” she states in a matter of fact kind of way, “I believe that anything you want in life you can have.”

Kandie seems to be sharing keys incessantly but she’s just the type – the type to share and collaborate. In her early blogging days when she worked with Dazhane “I said I’d help her shoot and she’d help me shoot and we used to blog together and all that, but I don’t shoot anymore cos I don’t have time, plus I don’t wanna blog, I want a shop-able site.”

Being the type to set her own rules, Kandie is making the fearless decision to move to Europe, “Normally I go on holiday with my boyfriend and stuff so I’ve been Paris, Amsterdam, LA, New Orleans and I guess now I’m going to Europe .”

“I think your life should be a holiday though, I know people that are just not enjoying life and I don’t resonate with that, I don’t think there’s one option that you can’t enjoy everything you want, it’s ridiculous! Rich people have the mentality that they can be rich therefore they are rich.”

We talk style and the importance of the FUBU mentality.

The term FUBU was coined by Daymond John through his urban streetwear label and the For us by Us concept is making a resurgence via the eponymous track on Solange’s third studio album. But finding FUBU in the streets today is like mining for gold yet somehow Kandie got her hands on some.

“The minute I saw Briana in it, I said I want Fubu! My boyfriend found it! He went to a shop and someone said ‘you know what that is, it’s for us by us, so you can’t have it then’ – cos he’s white – and so he had to give it to me.”

On guys

“My mind’s never focused on boys, my mind is focused on my career, personal ventures, things I love, sharing positivity.”

On growing her social following

“I only had like 400 followers and I used to love Domyenn and Princess Aurum and one day they noticed me and they were like yo and one of them retweeted me and another one retweeted me and they started following me and those girls really help you grow.”

“I guess that success is based on your self value and no one else’s”

You can find her on the socials at @ThinkLikeKandie on Instagram and @KandieSaysYo on Twitter. She sells dope pieces on her Depop too, click to shop.

Very soon we’ll come face to face with the full vibrancy of her craft as she promises to curate a retail space reflective of her aesthetic and principles, we can’t wait.

Kandie’s top tips –

  • Twitter is the easiest place to make money if you’re smart – use Twitter to see what people really like!
  • Synthetic wigs are a good idea! Getting your human hair pink is so hard.

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