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Here’s why I’ll need more than one copy of @TheSlumFlower’s book


Here’s why I’ll need more than one copy of @TheSlumFlower’s book

A babe who knows the power of her sauce is a force to be reckoned with and Chiddera Eggerue is exactly that kind of babe.

Polarising in many respects, Chiddy is one of the few young black women who has stood up, recognised and actively confronted the micro-aggressions that black women face for just existing. Discussing everything from relationships, to hair and body norms, Chiddy makes waves on the net thanks to her cult following of smart ass young queens. You know when there’s a voice of a generation, Chiddy is exactly that.

In college, this babe used to rock the finest of (fucking insane) vintage garms with a contemporary twist that was them American Apparel disco pants. If there was going to be a babe with the most outlandish hair, it was Chiddy, a babe confidently laughing the loudest, it was Chiddy, a babe reminding the world that #saggyboobsmatter, it was always going to be Chiddy.

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The internet has allowed independent artists and bloggers to have a voice, we now dance in an egalitarian playing field where Chiddy from South London can represent black girls on a world stage. Black girls who would not have otherwise been represented.

If you have ever taken the time to indulge in a cheeky scroll through @TheSlumFlower’s twitter, you’d quickly realise how articulate this babe is. If you ever had a shit babes drag you through the dirt, tap @TheSlumFlower’s page and I guarantee you’ll find a tweet that will lift you out the mud.

Her gifting is incredible. It’s great that a babe is writing a book, it’s about to be the best thing ever, that’s why I’ll be needing more than one copy.

Click this link to pre-order.

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