African Inspired Chokers from THELABEL

We speak to the founder of TheLabel Temi about her inspirations and the future of TheLabel.

We’re so here for entrepreneurial young women like yourself and your chokers are highkey wavy! But, first things first, who are you Temi? And when and why did you start thelabelbrand?

I am a 21 year old, female entrepreneur who has an intrinsic flare for fashion – accessories and beauty.

Starting THELABEL has been something that has always lingered in my heart for years. Having recently graduated from London College of Fashion, it seemed about the right time to use the knowledge and skills acquired and combine it with my passion to build a brand.

It took a long time for THELABEL brand to truly materialise due to my own personal self doubt and lack of confidence in the skills that I knew I inherently had . Once I was able to cross those personal hurdles, I built and launched my brand in April (after sooooo many months of preparation and teaching myself the structure and mechanisms of building a website etc).

THELABEL was started ideally to provide an aesthetically pleasing platform that offers the simplest of merchandise.

“B” statement ✨

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It sounds sick girl! We’ve seen the jewellery IRL but the pieces are beautiful, what inspired the designs?

Thank you! Honestly it’s only God’s grace and it’s just the first step you know.

Inspiration actually came from an amalgamation of things. With this first collection I was going down the route of a monochromatic collection.

The myriad of influences is so evident. Is the Louella tassel choker is African inspired? 

Yes it actually is! That’s exactly what comes to mind when I see that choker. The choker is actually named after my best friend who was my first ever friend in the UK when I moved here from Nigeria when I was young.

How has your heritage influenced your creative process? 

My heritage allows me to not be afraid to be a bit different and crazy with designs, colours, styles and so on. It allows me to think outside of the box and just be me and that feels amazing.
I love being a young entrepreneur with African heritage because Africa itself has sooooo much talent and sometimes it’s unrecognised.


So ok you’ve started now, what’s the end goal, where do you wanna be in 5 years? Where do you wanna take THELABEL?

I have so many different and creative ideas but it’s important to not rush the process , but to continually pray and be optimistic!

Click here to shop THELABEL.

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Click here to shop THELABEL.


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