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When you first meet Tee, it’d be easy to think that she’s an established music veteran but in fact at just 19, Tee The Singer is really only just starting out. After her singing talent was discovered by her producer brother (@buzzinproducer), Tee dropped “Doing My Thing” and in the ripple effect of her debut track, she has performed across the U.K.

What’s most captivating about Tee is not just her wicked face or voice but her aura and energy, the kind of infectious confidence that’s unabashedly liberating. With a myriad of influences driving her songwriting and wider creative talents, Tee is set to release an 8 song EP very soon. We caught up with her to learn more about her and her sound.

Introduce yourself for those who don’t know you. Who is Tee The Singer?

I am Tee the singer, a singer/songwriter born in London, raised in Dagenham (hold tite the RM10 gang) and I’m ready to show the world what I’m about !

We spoke previously about your brother discovering your singing talent by hearing you sing in the shower! You’ve actually got quite a creative family tho, what’s it been like growing up in a talent-filled home?

Yeah, my brother discovered and nurtured my talents from an early age, he’s a self taught music producer and lives for music, so when he found out I could sing he was super gassed. My sister is also a creative, she has a street-wear brand called Kiwi&Yam and works closely in the music industry, styling artists such as Wiz Kid. My household is a creative hub, we all help and encourage each other, aswell as have fun with it. If anyone has me on snapchat you would know how funny my family are…me and my sister always say we need our own TV show *laughs*.

Tee The Singer for RONIEBOND

So talk me through your background and influences. You started singing in church choirs in Naija… Then what? When did you start writing etc?

As I said, my brother discovered my voice and encouraged me to sing and write, my sister also has an eclectic taste in music so she used to listen to a lot of different artists from Kate Nash to Teedra Moses to Fela Kuti. This all shaped my sound and voice. Singing in church really boosted my confidence because believe or not I used to be super shy and hated singing in public ! But as I grew confidence in my vocal ability I also started getting confident with my writing and started penning down my emotions and experiences, turning words to lyrics.

Being black and ‘urban’ it’s easy to get pigeonholed into the whole Afro-Swing category, but how would you describe your sound?

LOL, its very easy to get labelled as an afro-swing artist being a black female and I get so many promoters trying to book me for African events. I LOVE afro beats and being Nigerian its in my blood, but my sound is just different you cant pigeon hole it, I do feel that I am still in the experimental stage in terms of my music so you may hear some cultural references but I’m no Tiwa Savage.

Tee The Singer for RONIEBOND

Who has influenced you most?

I love Amy Winehouse she was a major influence to me growing up, just because I had never heard a voice like hers before and she was just so rebellious. I’m currently being inspired by all the UK females paving a way, it’s very motivating.

There’s definitely a new wave of British Female Musicians like Stefflondon, IAMDDB is making big waves, Ray Blk, Jorja Smith – do these women also inspire you? Is there anyone in particular you’d like to work with?

Yeah theres definitely a HUGE wave of female talent right now and I’m so here for it. I would like to work with Stefflondon, I think our sounds would really compliment each other plus she’s got too much sauce (too much gravy).

What’s the big goal? Where do you want to be in 5 years and how can we (RONIEBOND or anyone reading this) help you get there?

Urmm £100k, haha no just joking. The goal is really just to make it, I want to be a well established artist in the industry making music I love and people can relate and vibe to. Anyone reading this can help by just supporting me, support goes along way, and so does £100k loool.

What can we expect from Tee in the next 6 months and where can we find you?

New music, new videos, new everythangg !! I’m working on my first project with a sick team and I’m just so excited to show the world who Tee The Singer really is!

Keep up with Tee by following her on Instagram @teethesinger.

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