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Snoochie Shy, Everything you need to know

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Snoochie Shy, Everything you need to know

Over the past few years Snoochie Shy has gone from great to greater and has recently landed a regular spot on 1Xtra so it’s safe to say she’s set to take over the world.

The 25 year old South Londoner is a certi host and DJ with incredible swag to match and to say we’re excited for what’s next from Snoochie would be an understatement.

The following interview was originally conducted in September 2017.

State your name boo

Describe what you do in one sentence

Describe yourself in three words
Hyper, swaggy and weird

What song gets you in the mood for a night out?
Smoke Purpp – Audi

What’s one quote that you live by?
Be ya bludclart self always

What advice would you give someone who wants to do what you do?
Believe in yourself and never compare your journey to anyone else’s 💗

Search for Snoochie Shy on the socials for the latest and greatest.

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