Skin Series: Marey

We’re reaching out to all the baddies with flawless skin to find out their secrets and share them with you as part of our #GOODSKIN Series.
The other day we caught up with Marey for tips on her slay.

What’s your skin type?

I have combination skin, some parts are oily, some parts are dry.

What do you use to cleanse?

I use a range of cleansing washes every morning and night, I usually use St Ives Apricot Scrub in the night for a deep pore cleanse and Clean & Clear’s Oil Free Exfoliating Daily Wash in the morning, cause it’s light on my skin.

What do you use to moisturise?

Lol I use razac 😂😂, but on my face I use Simple “Kind to Skin Purifying Lotion”

Do you have a skin secret? E.g. do you use any masks or get any treatments or medication?

Naa I don’t use any meds or stuff, but one beauty tip I tried at Uni once was the teaspoon trick thing. Which is when you basically put a teaspoon that’s been in the freezer all night on your eyelids for a minute, apparently it’s meant to reduce bags or puffiness, so I guess it’s good for people that do a lot of all nighters and stuff.

What does good skin mean to you?

My skin is everything to me. Good skin is key! if my skin isn’t nice or if I’m breaking out with spots or whatever, it ruins everything, it draws bad attention to your face, especially when you’re wearing make up! Nobody wants to see a ugly spot on your cheek, it completely ruins the contour 🙄

Clean & Clear's Oil Free Exfoliating Daily Wash stivesscrubKind_To_Skin_Purifying_Cleansing_Lotion_large_tcm1599-408832


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