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Skin advice from a Nutritionist


Skin advice from a Nutritionist

We spoke to nutritionist Nicola Shubrook about eating your way to healthy skin: read our top 7 tips below.

Skin advice from a Nutritionist

Some girls are just blessed with naturally amazing skin but it’s usually down to their lifestyle and what they’re doing to support the health of the inside of their body. Nutritionist Nicola Schuhbrook confirmed our beliefs here are 7 key takeaways from our discussion with her.

Balance your body with green powders!

If you’re not eating enough greens chances are your body is more on the acidic side, green powders like Kiki Health, Nature’s Living Superfood, Pucker or Naturya (we’re feeling their Chlorella and Spirulina) help to alkalise your body. Put one teaspoon in juice, stir and drink every morning.


If you’re eating a really amazing balanced diet but your digestive system is out of wack, probiotics can help get that back in check. You can buy little sachets full of goodness and they aid your digestive system. (I’m trying them out as I’m weaning myself off antibiotics for my acne and I’m using Optibac Probiotics for everyday.

Stop Stressing!

Everything going on inside your body shows up outside so managing stress is important for fleeky skin. Stress affects your hormones, your hormones affect your skin so picking up meditation with apps like Headspace and Calm could be good for you.

Check your Contraception!

While we’re still talking hormones, non-hormonal contraception like the copper coil can be a good alternative if you’re finding that you’re breaking out with hormonal contraception. Consult your doctor first of course.


Drink more water, or you might die (word to Mick Jenkins on Jazz). But seriously though, this one goes without saying.

Natural skin products!

Most of the girls I see with fleeky skin don’t actually use 800 thousand fancy ass products, going down the natural route with shea butter, black soap, coconut oil or just natural, non-comodegenic products is the way forward.


An Overall Good Diet!

Don’t do a ‘diet’ just eat healthy all the time, nutritionist Nicola Shubrook mentioned books like Amelia Freer’s Eat, Nourish Glow book and Madeline Shaw’s Get the Glow’

Feel free to share your skin tips, fave products and any healthy skin advice you may have in the comments below. Thank you XYZ for sharing your advice with us. You can find Nicola Shubrook on Instagram or Twitter, she does 1:1 Nutrition Talks so contact her via her site if you’re interested.



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