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ROADGALS – Abondance and Kaisle

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ROADGALS – Abondance and Kaisle

Introducing ROAD GALS LDN, a collective of artists documenting women, roadgal culture and UK music.

They are an art collective giving voice and visibility to young working class girls’ experiences.

ROAD GALS design and art direction for roniebond.com[Artwork by Jasmine Kahlia]

RONIEBOND spoke to Abondance and Jasmine Kahlia about their mission, movement and motivations. You can catch them IRL at PIRATES LIVE on August 12th at Rich Mix, keep reading for more.

ROAD GALS design and art direction for roniebond.com[Photo credit: Road Gals LDN]



ABONDANCE: “So basically Road Gals LDN is a new lil collective/partnership that consists of me, Abondance Matanda, and my g Jasmine Kahlia.

We met at an exhibition she put on called London Teen this time last year in Tottenham, where we both live, and she asked me to read my poems on the opening night. I bought a couple of her illustrations as well, and just felt like her work was so important and wanted it to live beyond the few days the exhibition was on for, so we collaborated on a zine.”

ROAD GALS design and art direction for roniebond.com

[Artwork by Jasmine Kahlia]


“LDN Teen Zine features anecdotal and critical writing by both of us, as well as our visual work like collages and drawings. It’s basically about giving voice and visibility to young working class black girls’s experiences growing up in London, motivated by our hood feminism.


This inspired the Road Gals LDN event that took place in February. After that, we then made the zine Road Gals, Street Dreams which focuses on art and music made by the girls we’re repping since we had an exhibition and performances at the event. It’s got stuff on Ms Dynamite, Ms Banks and Sophia Tassew in there alongside me and Jasmine’s written and visual work again.”


At DIY Cultures, we made a little installation featuring nostalgic ephemera of back in the day, early 90s on the ends vibes so like a Sony Ericsson, an old T Mobile £5 a day card, a Teedra Moses tape and Jasmine’s old lyric book and mixtapes.

ROAD GALS design and art direction for roniebond.com

[Artwork by Jasmine Kahlia]



JASMINE : Pirates Live is a chance for us to reimagine and explore Pirate Radio from our perspective, to reflect on DIY Culture and to research the ways that we made our own media before this massive platform [the internet] existed. Also to research and look for the female faces and voices and re-document them. I was really inspired by this bossy way of people involved in UK Music making their own spaces even though they were contantly getting shutdown on TV and radio at the time.

“Pirate Radio was very important to UK Music Subcultures. It is still around + will still defy the boundaries that society puts on us with regards to our own methods of broadcast and media. We made our own music and dubs and dances and the way that it used to be shared was via pirate radio –  there wasnt airtime or space on TV for subcultures like Jungle, Garage, Grime for a long time and pirate radio made those spaces and made those opportunities 4 ppl to get together.”

ROAD GALS design and art direction for roniebond.com

[Abondance photographed by Bernice Malunga]


Road Gals LDN is a movement that will grow, evolve, change, develop alongside the times. We hope to continue doing live exhibitions, articles, workshops and music that brings young women together and talking alongside mandem as equals, in spaces that they feel comfortable, in ways that develop their artistry. We are abt dcumenting girls from ends and will always back that. We wanna fuck with the male gaze and actually exist in our spaces, our aesthetics, our cultures. We’re doing that anyway but just firmin it, claimin it, ownin it.


Words by Abondance Matanda + Jasmine Kahlia


Make sure you hit up PIRATES LIVE on August 12th, 7pm at Rich Mix. piratesliveldn.tumblr.com/

You’ll catch ROADGALS there, live in the flesh!

Ping us an email if you’re doing wavy stuff and don’t forget to follow us on the socials @RONIEBOND on Instagram, @RONIEBONDMAG on Twitter and RONIEBOND on Facebook. Love x



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