Respect me as an Autonomous Being by Gillian Stringer

You know, that whole “what if she was your mother, daughter, sister” narrative is actually bs. Why do you have to understand me through women that are a part of your life in one way or another? Women that you respect because they gave you life or that you believe were raised ‘right’ and so on?

We need to understand that this narrative is toxic because it allows for the justification of repulsive actions in the name of “my mother, daughter, sister wouldn’t behave in this way or that way and therefore I am able to violate this woman in ways that I would not appreciate my mother, daughter or sister being violated in.”

This narrative reinstates male supremacy, understand and respect me as an autonomous human being, I did not raise you or grow up with and you are certainly not my father but if those are the only ways in which I become respectable to you, I want nothing to do with you.

I am not your mother, your daughter, your sister or your spouse and I do not need to be for you to exercise common decency.

Words by Gillian Stringer.

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