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UK R&B sensation Tiana Major9 releases her new six track EP, Rehearsal @ NINE, a soulful and liberating project.

Featuring the earlier released Mr Mysterious (2018) and Levee (Let it break) (2017), the EP is perfectly described by Che Lingo as the ‘Epitome of Magical’. Rehearsal @ Nine is essentially a showcase in which Major establishes herself as a versatile artist with vocal authenticity. The production was put together with the support of Melvin R. Young, Daniel March and produced by PRGRSHIN; a live band with a combination of compartments and a sound that effortlessly compliments Tiana Major9’s vocals.

As one of Ray Blk’s supporting acts back in 2016, the industry’s first encounter with the Newham born artist was after her first track ‘Merry Go’ in 2017; a subtle mélange of Jazz and Soul genres. Recently featuring in ELLE’s Black British Excellence issue, Tiana is grouped alongside the likes of Stormzy, Jourdan Dunn, Damson, Idris and many other talented Black Brits. The feature alone set a pace of what Tiana Major9 will be building throughout this year. With her headline show on 28th February approaching, it leaves time for the EP to be appreciated in its entirety.

The first track starts with euphoric lyrics, ‘Altitude’ serves as an exhibition of warming tones and energies. Breaking the boundaries of Jazz in ‘Better’, she fuses an up-beat garage-esque beat with brass instrumental arrangement. Solemn love songs such as ‘Dearest Dystopia’, present Tiana Major9 as an artist that’s not afraid to step outside the box.

The acoustic based EP highlights Tiana’s jazz influence and its fluidity, all in the space of six distinct tracks. The singer-songwriter combines strong instrumental composition with her free-spirited lyric work. Not shying away from personal emotion, her EP is relatability in its essence, even in the playful ‘Cat and Mouse’. It’s safe to say Rehearsal @ Nine is an array of her finest work to date.


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