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Ray Blk is an “EMPRESS”

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Ray Blk is an “EMPRESS”

“Empress” is the realest project to come out of the UK this year. Check out the video for “Mama” below and go BTS at the exclusive launch event via RONIEBOND instagram.

Taking over YouTube’s London space, Ray sang teary-eyed tributes to friends and dropped the super beautiful video for “Mama”. It’s safe to say that Empress is more than just a social media hashtag or two-two ballads, it’s a very real and powerful project.

The lead single from the project “Run Run” was initially inspired by Ray Blk’s everyday, written in 2016, the track nods to Ray’s influences; think of artists such as Lauryn Hill and Kendrick Lamar whose songs have real meaning and honest stories at their centre.

From singing in churches and being raised by a single mother of 3, the Nigerian-born, South-London raised songstress put in the groundwork to get to this level and her journey has been a long one. You can take a listen to our fave picks from Empress via our playlists.

In a Q&A with Yasmin Evans, Ray shouted out underground artists Alicai Harley, among others, for being unapologetically herself and listening to Ray Blk’s Empress, you’ll be able to tell that Ray Blizzy comes with exactly the same energy, authentic.

It’s not all just heartfelt ballads and emotions, real braggadocio comes to life on “Got My Own”, “Baby, I can buy it twice” sings Ray.

As far as advice for young artists, the big difference between being signed and independent is MONEY. For more from the launch event check out our Instagam with IGTV and instastory content that’ll take you inside the exclusive event.


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