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Get ready for the #roniebondparty!

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Get ready for the #roniebondparty!

Wow guys the #roniebondparty is round the corner! Yes, we’re literally counting down the sleeps so we figured it would make sense if we shared a 1-2-3 guide on how to get ready for the ultimate night out. Keep reading for more.

Step one. Find the outfit.

The goal is to come through looking like you’re about to meet your MCM or WCW so don’t slack. Come through looking clean. We’d recommend wearing one big coat and bare skin under if you intend to have a good time, it might get a bit hot when you’re bussing a whine.

Step two. Call your girls and make a plan.

There is nothing better than stepping into a motive with your crew so make a plan. Where are y’all meeting? Where are y’all pre-drinking? Who’s calling the uber home or who’s driving?

Fail to plan. Plan to fail.

BTW We’re preparing a special drinks menu for our party with discounts on a select few drinks.

Buy your tickets in advance!

If you have the DICE FM app, buying tickets online is hella easy, search for the “RONIEBOND PARTY” in the search bar. Tickets are £10.
We are also selling tickets via Eventbrite. Use the discount code ‘LITTY’ for money off.

Step three. GETTING READY.

If you miss an hour of the party, you miss an hour of the time capsule, don’t play yourself!

Start getting ready at 7pm. Order food and line your belly so the drink that you’re about to digest goes down well.

9pm Makeup and Hair done. Our makeup Pinterest board has a wealth of inspiration, you’re welcome.

Bring a hairband, it get’s hot in the dancehall.

Plan to arrive for 10.30pm (latest), doors close at 1am.

Step in the party, buss a whine.



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