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Isabella Michelle – Guide to Clear Skin


Isabella Michelle – Guide to Clear Skin

Wondering what new products to use on your skin? Look no further! We spoke to Bella about her tips for flawless skin check the interview below.

We all know that goodskin comes from within so make sure you check out our post on nutritionist skin care advice where we talk about hormones, supplements and more.

What’s your skin type?

I’ve always been more on the oily side, but as I’ve gotten older my skin has become way more dry! It gets very dehydrated quickly.

What do you use to cleanse?  What do you use to moisturise?
To cleans I love using the Bare Minerals Clay chameleon cleanser, it’s cleanses my skin and locks in moisture. For moisturiser I use Astral, so affordable and SO good for people with combination to dry skin!

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Do you have a skin secret? E.g. do you use any masks or get any treatments or medication?
My secret is not shying away from the Sun. The sun has vitamin D which benefits people with more spot prone skin and bringing out that melanin!

Another secret is Aloe Vera, back where I’m from (Burundi) we use it for everything, cuts, wounds, rashes, blemishes and even moisturiser. My Grandma always tried to grow it wherever she is, it’s sooo good for the skin!
One of my favourite face masks definitely have to be the Sephora masks range. I have to get a face masks every time I’m there. They have so many types of masks for different parts of your face and body, offering a variety of skin types and needs. The masks are all at affordable prices so that’s a major plus.

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What does good skin mean to you?
Good skin to me skin that is radiant; it’s all about the glow! Of course having smooth, even skin is amazing, but glowy skin is always something I try to achieve. I do get spots here and there, but as long as my skin looks hydrated and healthy that’s all I really care about.

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