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Oleta, Founder of Semple

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Oleta, Founder of Semple

Our hunt for exciting independent creators continues and Oleta’s SEMPLE is an exciting new brand embodying a utilitarian attitude with a sexy splash with gorgeous pieces perfect for day and night. Oleta is seen wearing the RONIEBOND Hustler hoodie available online fo Winter 2019 so it was only right we got to know more about her brand story and vision. 

Oleta wearing REBIRTH tee.

“I’ve found that when you’re as real with yourself and others as can be, life becomes a little easier.”

Introduce yourself for those who don’t know you, who are you and what do you do? Where are you from?

I’m a womenswear designer from South East London. I’m 20, started my business when I was 18, launched last month. I fuse my personal styles to create what I call ‘hybrid style womenswear’. My personal style includes: smart, sporty, hipster, tomboy, feminine and everything in between! At the moment I’m working part time, running my business and tryna improve myself during spare hours of the week.

What is the story behind Semple, why did you start the brand and what is the brands story?

I launched Semple because I love mixing styles and expanding on how far I can to create hybrid style looks. Semple garments allow me to do this as each garment features an array of practical, adjustable and/or detachable components; therefore maximising styling capabilities. A lot of people are so caught up with chasing trends, anything that makes them fit in, clout and ‘solutions’ to insecurities; that in my opinion, the idea of ‘personal style’ is slowly dissolving. I’ve found that when you’re as real with yourself and others as can be, life becomes a little easier. I want people to feel like they’re expressing their true identities through my garments.

Oleta wearing the Nakiera set by Semple

Another reason why I started Semple is because I’m aware of the inequalities that exist within the fashion industry. I obviously understand why certain inequalities work from a business point of view, but it’s not always ethical. These people are humans like us and things NEED to change. Eventually I want to buy a factory so I can help to positively affect the lives of those who contribute to the running of SEMPLE. I also want to somehow give my employees the flexibility to achieve a better work life balance. But for now all I can do is work on building SEMPLE from a small scale start up, to a thriving brand. My auntie said to me the other day “it’s about positively impacting one person at a time” and that’s what i’m tryna do.

What’s your earliest fashion memory?

My sister and I would dress up in my mum and dad’s shoes and do catwalks up and down our house (laughs).

Oleta wearing SCANDAL Tee with the Nakiera Trouser

What’s your signature look and why?

My huge black puffer coat, airforces, mens/loose fit trousers, oversized white tee and the same bag as the day before. White tee goes with everything, so does my black puffer, comfy & one less decision to make in the morning i guess.

We call this look ‘the grind’.

Oleta Semple

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give to fellow hustlers trying to build a brand like you?

Spend less on dumb shit, you need to save. There are more unexpected costs than expected. Make less quantity of stock than more.

Favourite song right now?


Where do you wanna be in 5 years and how can the RONIEBOND community help you get there?

In a few years I see myself with a solid team in London allowing me to focus more on the design or creative aspects of @semplelondon because right now I take on most roles. I’ll have a mobile store and we’ll be doing custom mades pieces. I’m desperate to release jackets and accessories so I can style full SEMPLE looks 🤤 (obviously one step at a time😂). I’d love to design for a dance crew or a theatre show. I’ve got men on my case already asking me when’s the mens line dropping so we’ll defo have a mens and unisex line by then. I’m big on helping others, so I also hope to be mentoring & getting interns on board.

As for the RONIEBOND community, i’d love to do more collaborations, whether that be with photographers, music artists, creative directors (both well & not as established in their craft). We’re only gonna make it if we help eachother. Here’s my number, get at me! 0787….. ha lol. dm me tho 🙂 @oletarianna x x x

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