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Naomi – Being a Stylist in 2019

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Naomi – Being a Stylist in 2019

Self-described “real life unicorn” and all star fashion stylist Naomi is the multidisciplinary creative whose portfolio will you have you gushing – we’re talking about working with everyone from Ray Blk to Skepta. Her skillset ranges from super slick photography, to her incredible platform GRL GNG, and we’re super excited to see more of Naomi’s latest works, including styling our fave Dolapo.

Introduce yourself for those who don’t know you, who are you and what do you do?

My names Naomi aka Naysap… I’m a fashion stylist, film photographer, founder/ creative director of GRL GNG plus a few other bits and pieces.. I’ve got my fingers in many pies!! For those who don’t know GRL GNG is a platform for women and girls, aimed at both aspiring and established female artists. GRL GNG is a movement, a community, a way of life designed to inspire, uplift and push women to the forefront regardless of creed, colour or race. Check us out @grlgngldn. 

How did you get started as a stylist? What inspired you to pursue styling?

I started styling just under 4 years ago a friend of mine asked me to be in his music video and then I ended up styling it and that was the first music video I styled back in 2015. Styling isn’t something I’ve always wanted to do it kind of just fell in my lap, I have LOADSSSSS of clothes and all throughout college and uni people would always ask to borrow my clothes for shoots or to wear out, I studied media so when we would have to do a segment on photography I would usually always do a fashion shoot and I would style. 

What I didn’t realise then was that I could actually get paid to dress people for shoots etc and then being around sets and artists well that really opened my eyes, like why not get paid for something you’re good at and you enjoy doing? I used to model first thats how I became exposed to the set life and seeing what goes on at a shoot, and that really inspired me so when I was given the opportunity I just dived straight in and it’s crazy, I got paid for my first ever styling job it wasn’t much but I also wasn’t expecting it..I then went on to styling Ray BLK & working on a shoot with Skepta alongside some other amazing stylists plus some other cool projects and this was all within my first year of styling. 

What era of music would you say inspires you the most? Is there a standout music video or something?

90s!!!!! 100000% I live there still lool I’m basically a 90s garage girl all the vintage Moschino, Versace, Burberry, Fendi etc I’m stuck in that era… Even though I was quite young during that era (I was born in 92) it just really resonates with me on another level. My childhood wasn’t too great but I remember the music & fashion distracting me from everything… I would dream about when I’m older and how I would dress and what I would be like, how I would do my hair etc .

Proudest moment of your career thus far, any shoots that you’ve LOVED working on?

Proudest moment so far is just that for how long I’ve been styling my body of work is amazing, I’ve met some incredible people, I’ve come such a long way and my work really speaks for itself.. I have people recognising my work without even knowing I had something to do with it and thats so special to me. Shoots I’ve loved working on.. I went to Jamaica a few years ago and worked with Damian Marley that was surreal.. I literally got a call from my friend Savannah on a Tuesday she was like oh you wanna come Jamaica tomorrow to help me with a shoot with Damian Marley…BITCH Hell yeah I’m coming so I flew out the next day and that was it and then I ended up styling a video out there. That’s a legend right there so yeah man I feel blessed and most recently styled a new release for The North Face their 92 Rage collection, I love their clothing so was gassed to do that. 

Is there anyone that inspires your style? Or any other stylists on instagram or elsewhere that you admire?

I think most of my inspo comes from the late 80s, 90s fashion and I just tend to make up my own stuff really..growing up I really inspired by The Fresh Prince of Bel Air & my dad and my uncles (they dressed SICK). I see myself as a trendsetter, I get ideas flowing through my brain on a daily I make up outfits in my mind I’m constantly creating in my brain basically (laughs).

What advice would you give to any aspiring stylists out there?

Advice I would give to aspiring stylists would be to perfect you’re craft and style, shoot like crazy, build up that portfolio, reach out to artists to style them, put ya work out there and don’t be afraid to ask!! You don’t ask you don’t get..and this is something Ive been working on too!! & also shadowing stylist or shoots to see how it works, it’s good to learn from others. 

Where do you styling taking you in the next 5 years and what can the RONIEBOND community do to help get you there?

TBH I don’t think I’l still be styling in 5 years time if I was it would be for a select few of people and my rate would be like 10bags (laughs), I want to do more photography and directing as well as GRL GNG, I really see us going worldwide so yeah just trying secure all bags and make a difference. I really want to set up some youth projects so thats something I plan to be doing now and in 10 years time.  


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