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Light and glowy summer make-up || #NaturallyGlowing

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Light and glowy summer make-up || #NaturallyGlowing

Once upon a time, eyebrows weren’t a thing, neither was that sharp contour, neither was baking, neither was so many things! It’s hard not to get lost in the sauce of all these now trending beauty terms but sometimes switch up the style! Sometimes do up bare natural brow and simple bronzy glow look.

Here are some looks you can start practicing now so by the time we get into summer you won’t have to worry about sweating off that thick slab of concealer.

The Looks

Tiarra Monet talks us through a look with all the trimmings – brows, highlight and setting powder – but with such a light application, she just looks naturally fleeky! It helps that she has individual eyelash extensions, read more about lash extensions here.

This look by Lletitia Online uses Mac Pro Longwear liquid concealers so if you’re after extra coverage for to hide bags or pimples, this video is a good look.

Cydnee Black colour corrects her face to set a good base so this is a great approach if you have dark spots or anything like that.


This is the perfect faux freckle tutorial!!!! And the way Sonjdradeluxe aces the faux bushy eyebrow look is pure art.

Lest we forget this fabulous look by Jackie Aina! Also featuring faux freckles as well as a bit of shadow and a more defined brow.

The Products

One key product in all these videos is Laura Mercier’s translucent setting powder. We can’t recommend it enough and yes, it looks good on brown girls too as you can see in all these videos. Click this link to purchase.

Oh yeah and setting spray! Hello Mac Fix+

Another product on our buy list is NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil for a less dramatic brow and Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat “Foxy Brown” this could be a great alternative to Mac’s Chestnut lip liner.

 Comment your faves below!


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