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MyaeMade by Mia

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MyaeMade by Mia

The fashion designer behind your faves’ fave looks.

To be honest, it’s easy to identify the brand MYAEMADE as an extension of its creator Mia, she’s rocking vintage gold chains from her grandma (who was obviously hella drippy).. And the first time we met, at GRM Daily event in January of this year, Myae was rocking a thrifted fur coat, you know the type of effortless hood glam that only an elite South Londoner can pull off? Yeah, that way.

We meet at Mia’s home turned creative studio – where she handcrafts each item – and as is expected Mia is rocking a piece from her own brand MYAEMADE. Since Myae Made was seen on Jorja Smith earlier this year, the brand has gone from strength to strength due to the unique seductive aesthetic that defines the brand as well as the anti-fast-fashion approach that sets MyaeMade apart from most retailers today.

Although still taking orders via email, Myae is announcing flash sales on her instastory so it would be worth giving her a follow @myaemade. We briefly discuss style inspo, music and tips on getting your brand “out there” and although the 24 year old is on a break from a Textiles Print Design degree, she is on fire.


I’ve been sewing since I was around 11 just making things my mum wouldn’t or couldn’t buy me. I just made a set because I wanted one and people liked it. My close friend Leah Abbot, who I grew up with, styles Jorja Smith and needed some looks so I made a few she wore one and it brought a lot of attention to my page and since then it’s been non-stop I was always going to have to do this I can’t work for someone else and making and designing is something I have always done. 

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Everyone from Jorja to Stefflon don have been seen rocking your pieces, what advice would you give to young designers tryna get their brand out there?

I would say too young designers , trust your gut that’s your originality , research the creative conscious. Everything is cyclical. I’m definitely inspired by music , I’m not really up too date with new music though I love oldschool rnb. And I’ll listen to the same song over and over for days. 

Are there any style icons that inspire your aesthetic?

There’s a mix of people I admire it comes from everywhere but I love brands like ottolinger , I like juxtapositions. 

What can we expect from you in the next 5 years? 

I’m gonna open a studio where people can come and see fabrics feel them and have a big part in designing their looks and express themselves. Fast fashion is very convenient but it means we al wear very similar things.


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