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Black and British with an MBE – Ms Dynamite

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Black and British with an MBE – Ms Dynamite

Wiley, Sharmadean Reid, Grace Ladoja and most recently Ms Dynamite have been recently honoured with MBE’s from the Queen. Despite the  supposed prestige affiliated with a Royal Honour, Ms Dynamite’s recent comments have nodded to the injustices faced by the Windrush generation.

“I would accept the MBE – not because I want to be part of the establishment, or had suddenly stopped caring about the damaging legacy of empire and colonialism, or that it was suddenly all OK, but because I wanted to honour my grandparents, and all of their generation, and the extraordinary sacrifices they made.”

In The Guardian, Ms Dynamite, (real name Niomi Arleen Daley) expressed her “long-held, deep, negative feelings about empire, establishment, colonisation, the suffering it caused and the suffering that continues today.”

Bringing to light the conflict felt by many Black and British individuals. What does an MBE mean to a Black Brit in the 21st century?

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