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Virgin Hair that Mimics Black Girl Curls!!


With  a huge array of perfect straight and body wave hair vendors, it’s only right that there are hair vendors selling hair that mimics curlier black girl hair textures! Thank God for Miyi Hair who have earned a reputation for pimping the natural hair of our girls like Dazhane and Chiddy. We caught up with them to speak about the Miyi story because it’s definitely about more than just hair.

“We are in a time now where black women are beginning to embrace their own natural hair textures and it’s a beautiful thing.”

What’s the Miyi Hair story? How and when did you start?

MiyiHair was born in 2015 with sole focus on black women and black hair. The purpose of the brand is to celebrate natural hair and the beauty of it (the flexibility, the kinkiness and the raw texture). MiyiHair helps by offering natural hair extensions that mimic natural afro and curly textures for women to use to blend in with their own natural hair where they may desire more length/volume or simply just a protective style that still looks like their own hair. Protective styling encourages more attentiveness to looking after our hair the right away to ensure length retention long term and healthier natural hair.

What makes your hair different from all the other hair dealers out there these days?

The team at MiyiHair have dedicated a lot of time (and still do) into sourcing the best possible hair and ensuring that it is extremely close in terms of it’s curl pattern to our natural hair so if you’re looking for natural hair textures, we’ve definitely got some good hair! 🙂

We see loads of our fave girls from Chiddy (TheSlumFlower) to Dazhane rocking Miyi Hair, what’s it been like working with all these amazing girls? Were they your muses?

Chidera (@TheSlumFlower on IG) has been an amazing support to MiyiHair. She has always genuinely appreciated what MiyiHair stands for and because of this, she really does do justice in helping promote MiyiHair as a brand and what it stands for.
Dazhane (@dazhaneleah) is an absolute sweetheart and has also been an amazing support. She also genuinely loves the hair and it really does show when she’s wearing it. Both girls are amazing and we really do appreciate the unending support.

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At MiyiHair, we really do pride ourselves on collaborating with girls that have a massive and positive influence on black women in particular and because of this, we are very particular about who we work with.

What are your fave natural hair products?

Our absolute favs are Jamaican Black Castor Oil and African Pride Olive Miracle Leave In Conditioner. These two as a combination – you literally can’t go wrong (moisture for days!)

We know Miyi is about more than hair so what’s the biggest message you want all the girls that wear your hair to relate to?

Our biggest message is simply to be happy in your own skin. It’s amazing that we can finally go out with our massive textured and kinky afro and not feel singled out or ashamed because it doesn’t look as ‘neat’ as society has told us they want our hair to look. Definitely embrace it because its natural and it’s yours!

You can purchase their hair on miyihair.com or you can contact the team via info@miyihair.com 


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