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MatatheMUA – Feature

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MatatheMUA – Feature

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll know we’re obsessed with wavy makeup looks and that means we’re obsessed with wavy makeup artists. Meet Marielle Mata aka MatatheMUA.

She’s the gal behind the makeup in the GDS brand campaign. It was only right we got to pick her brains about inspiration and more.

⚡️Marielle Mata ⚡️

Bold, brown and beautiful, Mata the MUA

How did you get started doing makeup?

Well, make up is something I fell into. I’m super glad I did. One of my best girls is a musician and she needed a makeup artist for one of her videos, because I had the kit already (makeup hoarder lol) I agreed to do it. She actually hired me for the day. I got to do makeup on 11 beautiful women and the compliments and praises I had gotten from people on set was amazing. So I started to promote myself after that as an MUA and landed some really cool jobs.

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What inspired you?

Before I became a makeup artist, I saw a lot of ethnic models with makeup clearly not done properly by ‘big’ makeup artists (whatever that means) and this made me so angry because it’s literally their entire job to know exactly how to deal with people regardless of their skin complexion. I hope I’m able to bring something new to the makeup game (hehe) Pat McGrath is an amazing inspiration + role model.


What’s makeup looks are you tryna serve this summer?

Ooooo this summer I’m definitely trying to serve my classical brown ombré lip combo with a coloured glossy eye lid.

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What are your favourite skincare products?
My current favourite skin care products are from Shea moisture! I use the Raw Shea Butter soap and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ground Coffee Scrub for my face and moisturise using coconut oil, my favourite.

 You can get Mata’s brown lip look using NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Berlin 

You can find Marielle on Instagram @mariellemm19 and @matathemua.



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