Lookbook Report – Fendi Hot or Not?

Lookbook report: The designer brands they want you to buy.

The media industry is this carefully curated and orchestrated world of magic where Nines’ Crop Circle album drops on 4/20 and brands like Fendi magically rise in popularity. It’s all about dollars and cents I tell you.

We’ve been busy making a zine, a film and a party but we managed to carve out 5 minutes to talk about fashion and they brands they want you to buy.

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Aside from the generic Gucci, whose marketing hit home cos our girl Camille was the bloody cover girl, and the Balenciaga whose marketing campaigns made us question their morals, Fendi is that new bitch who is everywhere.

We don’t post too much designer shit on the #roniebondlookbook but you don’t have to look to far to see Fendi are popping off, they’re coming through with their big man events that our fave influencers are attending.

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Now that conspicuous consumption and logo-mania is coming right back up to the fore, it’s only right that Fendi shove their double Fs up are asses.

Will we be buying Fendi? IDK.

But we will be buying Mamas Boutique and PLT x Maya Jama is looking kinda lit. Fortie Label and their Lustres pink swag is still right up our street. But that’s about it for now.

Oh yeah, and fashion nova, fashion nova, they want you to buy fashion nova. Peep Mikai‘s haul below.

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