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Katy Sadé, Public Ambition

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Katy Sadé, Public Ambition

Katy Sadé is a FEMALE HUSTLER and boss making moves behind the scene. After finding out that entrepreneurship was the way forward for her, she co-founded the West London based PR company Public Ambition, here’s a bit more on her story.

Introduce yourself for those who don’t know you… Who are you and what do you do? 

Im Katy, 24, Lithuanian/Nigerian, and a bad ass PR & Brand Partnerships director at Public Ambition.

What is Public Ambition for those who don’t know? 

Public Ambition is a hybrid creative marketing agency based in West London. We’re a young team of marketing experts who really understand the demographic of young business owners, and entrepreneurs. We dedicate all our time to helping business and individuals develop their ideas, align their branding, and partner with potential sponsors and collaborators. 

What’s it been like founding Public Ambition and what inspired you to take a dive into the entrepreneurial world? 

It’s incredible to be able to wake up everyday and live for myself. I’ve always been so bad at working for other people (I mean 2 hours late, sending personal emails while at work, naps on my lunch break, just disappearing lol, you name it) so I think this was the only way forward. I was inspired by my surroundings, we live in a generation of entrepreneurs, my old boss was a young entrepreneur so I thought if she can do it then I can too. 

I know PUBLIC AMBITION, like RONIEBOND, sit at the intersection of fashion and music, what’s your relationship with the two things? What made you take interest in those worlds?

I think all 90’s babies grew up with fashion and music. Y2K fashion is still my biggest inspiration, you watch old school RNB videos and in all their visuals, fashion and music are inextricably linked. I work with fashion and music on a day to day basis.  The Public Ambition showroom houses an array of samples from independent designers, and we’re lucky to have our office in the same building as a music studio – it’s the perfect match.

I also know you’ve done some cool work for artists like Ambush Buzzworl, what has it been like working with the UK’s underground artists? Is this something you aways wanted to do?

“One thing I’m starting to understand is that bad things happen, mistakes happen, failure is a part of life, and all these things are OK. Thats the best piece of advice I’ve had this year.”

Ambush is one of the first artists we’ve done PR for. I always thought you had to manage an artist to work with them, I tried it out and it just wasn’t for me, maybe sometime in the future. Working on brand partnerships and exposure for an artist is different, I love doing it because if you really believe in the talent, there are no limits to how far you can develop an artist. 

What is the future of Public Ambition? Where do you want to take this?

Public Ambition is a whole lifestyle sis. Every day we are coming up with creative concepts and meeting with likeminded individuals so we’re not even aiming for the stars at this point, we’re trying to snatch the entire solar system.

What advice would you give to the 18 year old Katy around life and entrepreneurship?

Sometimes I wish I could ask 18 year old Katy for advice because that kid was the OG wave queen, and I had SO much energy. One thing I’m starting to understand is that bad things happen, mistakes happen, failure is a part of life, and all these things are OK. Thats the best piece of advice I’ve had this year. 

Where does Katy Sadé wanna be in 5 years and how can the RONIEBOND community help you get there?

I just want consistency in my growth. I want to still be working with the team I’m with now because my girls are amazing and have taught me so much about myself – its so important to have people around you that say it how it is. I want to be living in 2 countries at the same damn time (if Hermoine can do it, then so can I), and I want to be putting people on. RONIEBOND can support me by continuing to provide a necessary platform for individuals like myself and creating work that inspires all of us.


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