J Hus CommonSense Fave Tracks!

2017 has seen major success for Stormzy and I’m hoping for the best for J Hus, the second black male in his early 20s to put out a full, proper, profesh album this year!

J Hus for the Fader photographed by Elliot Kennedy
Each track is proudly stamped with a Jae5 logo while the album as a whole features all of J Hus’s classic subject matter; life of a casanova, hustling and bundah (ass).

We’ve taken a look at some stand out tracks with some predictions, don’t forget to comment yours below or tweet us your opinions!


The culture of getting super hype over one song in the rave is one that seems to not be going anywhere. Think Next Hype, The Game is Mine, KMT and now Clartin.

Closed Doors

The soulful sax on this adds a richness to the album (that isn’t necessarily sustained through the lyrics but nonetheless) tells of the maturity of Hus, more soul in future. Just wait on it.

Did You See

Goes without saying, anyone who buys a Benz or drives a Benz (or anyone who is ever in a car or anyone who lives and breathes) should and probably would make this the first song in their driving playlist.


(Personal fave). This melody is so adorable, a kind and gentle nod to the history of Black British music think T2 Heartbroken. If this isn’t a radio hit then I don’t know for anyone.


Two gyal on my side, me in the middle! The TL went mad with this preview. It’s on our playlist.

Good Time (feat. Burna Boy)

Hell-o summer BBQ!!

Spirit seems radio ready too though, what do you guys think?

PS: Why didn’t this track make the cut? ….


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Words by Abigail Adeoti Photograph of J Hus by Elliot Kennedy for the Fader

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