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JaJa Kisses talks about her dreamy-trap-rnb sound

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JaJa Kisses talks about her dreamy-trap-rnb sound

Allow us to introduce you to JaJa Kisses. Having performed live in places such as the Jazz Café, we decided to catch up with the Purple Unicorn to learn more about her sound. For more new music be sure to check out #RONIEBONDRADIO playlists on Apple Music and Spotify.

Born and raised in West London, she first started her musical journey in 2012 releasing mesmerising acapella songs on Soundcloud. Since then, JaJa Kisses has collaborated with other creatives across the country, performing at Gal-Dem magazine’s takeover at the V&A and being featured in Ray BLK’s music visuals for 5050.

Releasing a debut EP titled Young Fashioned back in 2016, the 12-track mixtape explored her soulful and trap sounds that tell a visual story that is both hypnotic and melodious.

Her sound can be described as alternative R&B with dreamy, deep and psychedelic beats that incorporates elements of trap. JaJa Kisses soft voice flows right through you which could put someone in a trance like state. Described as Bjork and Sade’s lovechild, her musical influences include Lykke Li, Michael Jackson, Solange, Bjork and Kanye West. 

On personal growth and working on her latest project:

“I’m dropping a new single produced by Violet Diamondz, called brb. Growing up I was regularly depressed and didn’t really understand what it was and so I was insecure and lacking in confidence about most things from the way I looked, my voice, my songs, my relationships.”

“I wrote this Winter 2016 when I was having a hard time reaching my goals. I was pretty much just lamenting in studio because I felt like I didn’t have the heart or energy to make something uplifting or socially safe. Now that I understand depression, seasonal affective disorder and myself a little better, I’m focused on accepting that these dark chapters are a part of my life but they don’t have to ruin it and actually made me more uniquely myself than trying to fit in with what I think people want to hear.”

“I know there are other young people like me who sometimes feel like nobody understands them when they feel unworthy or stuck. Who need more encouragement to change their minds without guilt, who can’t work the normal 9-5 schedules society has forced upon us throughout the fricking entire year. I just wanted to mope about for a moment and acknowledge those feelings without judgement as one would during meditation. I am more than just my dark days, but with the fire singles I’ve got lined up this year, I didn’t want to feel like I was pretending to be someone else who doesn’t go through days of serious self doubt.”

Brb’ will be out on February 22nd 2019 here- https://soundcloud.com/jajakisses/brb/s-zCq58

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