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The HU$TLER Issue of RONIEBOND magazine is our second independent publication spotlighting Black British Culture and Digital Hustlers. You can pre-order your copy of the limited edition printed magazine online. Available February 28th.

The second independent printed issue of RONIEBOND magazine celebrates and spotlights the creative forces driving shifts in the UK charts; exploring how social media fame and the internet power the independent creative forces at the helm of Black British Music and Culture today.

From the 6-piece Nigerian-Ghanaian-British group from Hackney, NSG, whose single “Options” rocketed to the top of the charts and was powered by an army of digital aficionados, to the internet entrepreneur Amelia Monet who boasts over 300k Instagram followers and over 1.4 million views on her debut single, the HU$TLER issue explores the stories of the individuals who have been empowered by the internet and who are shaping culture through their independent endeavours.

To celebrate the launch of the magazine, RONIEBOND will host a Female DJ Takeover party in partnership with WAVES Party on February 28th at Miranda, The Ace Hotel. Grab tickets.

RONIEBOND continues to champion gender equality presenting an equal representation of men and women in the magazine, a rare feat in the urban scene.


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