Groundbreaking Art Scene Hustlers

You don’t even know how important these women are to the scene.

While the underground creative scene seems to be dominated by men centre stage, there are a selection of women without whom the whole scene would crumble. Needless to say these trailblazers do not get enough credit and it’s on these women that the documentary GASH focuses on.

From journalists to DJs and producers to marketing gurus and creative directors and managers. The women of the underground creative scene are the community builders, who nurture talent, strategise and build. Here are a select few names who we owe a great debt of thanks.

Grace Ladoja

There is only one Grace Ladoja. She is elusive but her presence is felt globally. In between spearheading the careers of the likes of Skepta and Mabel, Ladoja is internationally advocating for underground stars, curating festivals in Nigeria and redefining perceptions of different scenes, cultures and individuals. Did I forget to mention the array of Ladoja directed videos, created with the likes of FKA Twigs and Sharmadean Reid? It’s safe to say that all the hottest brand collabs in the last few years, yes that means a lot of that Nike shit you’ve been saying, Ladoja had her finger in that too.

Lauren Pavan

You know about GRM Daily right? The leading UK urban media platform? Well GRM is one of many digital platforms that sprung up around the time when the internet became a thing and the democratisation of content creation meant YouTube videos were key to life. But how many of those platforms have gotten to GRM level? Wanna know why? It’s cos they didnt have a Lauren. In her role as COO, Lauren is where the business is at, Lauren is where the money is at. Lauren is the brilliantly humble brain quietly tapping behind her computer and orchestrating the moves that shift culture.

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Siobhan Bell

Aside from being ridiculously swaggy, beautiful and uber talented. Sian is the embodiment of the women in underground culture who is barely ever spoken about, the DIY hustler, self-taught creative pioneer, central to the evolution of culture. Siobhan Bell is Siobhan Bell and if you feel like there’s anything else that needs to be said about her name, then you’ve probably been living under a rock.

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Chantelle Fiddy

Fiddy is so low-key but so brilliant I don’t think one paragraph will suffice when breaking down her contributions to the scene, but I’ll try. Music industry professional, former editor at Ctrl.Alt.Shift, editor at RWD and Mixed Mag has worked with Dazed, the Times, The Guardian, The London Paper, Channel Four and Radio 1, tastemaker and ex-editor of Live magazine where she mentored a whole roster of young people including Sian Anderson.

Julie Adenuga

The voice of London whose career started at Rinse in 2010, Julie Adenuga is first and foremost a brilliant person whose beautifully textured voice means it only makes sense for her to be one of three leads on Beats 1 radio. Her tireless advocacy for others in the scene (including young women) means her position as “one of London’s most vital tastemakers” does not come without good reason. Julie is the best.

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Caroline Simeonescu-Marin

That NEW GEN album was the voice of an entire movement uniting everyone from Stefflon Don to AJ Tracey on a single piece of art that was in and of itself a comment on culture. Starting out at GRM as Creative Director, Simeonescu-Marin is now at XL where she is an instrumental force behind Harlesden rapper Nines. Need I say more?

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Yes, I intentionally forgot to mention the likes of Sian Anderson, popularly known as a DJ, her work as a marketing expert is explored more further in our documentary and zine GASH. Email to find out more about how to attend the screening. Tickets for the May 17th launch party can be purchased on DICE Fm.

PS, this list is by no means exhaustive.

Words by Abigail.


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