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Get to know Flame Lily


Get to know Flame Lily

ATTENTION! There’s a new fashbrand and it’s called Flame Lily, founded by our babes @qtiwa. Get to know!


What is Flame Lily?

Flame-Lily.com is an emerging brand creating outstanding stylish accessories for fashion seekers alike. The goal is to bridge the gap between high-quality products and having them available for more affordable price points. Every day, we’re striving to bring our customers the latest in accessories with our own flavour to it.

What inspired the brand?

This brand was created for those who love accessories. Although clothing plays an important role in fashion, we see accessories as the last and definitely not least piece to the puzzle, that small detail that completes an entire look. Such pieces should be readily available and affordable but in reality, it’s either one or the other and that’s how & why Flame Lily was born. If you’re sick and tired of oversized z list celebrity mirror sunnies or wayfarer sunnies being your only (and boring) take a look at our range!

You’ve got a sick collection coming with our girl crush @omgtiffanie, how did that collab come about?

Tiffanie is our girl crush too! Another one of our favourite bloggers @tamaratweetheart actually recommended Tiffanie, we were on the search for a badass influencer with a great sense of style that would fit the aesthetic of the new collection – when we visited Tiffanies Instagram and styling page, we knew she was the one!


What else can we expect from you guys in future?

We don’t want to give too much away but expect a whole new range of accessories, including bags and purses! We’ve actually recently announced the addition of the PICASSO earrings which will be available to purchase in two weeks time. Expect major 90s-00s throwback designs and just more stylish talking pieces.

Where can we shop Flame Lily?

You can shop our accessories here: www.flame-lily.com but be sure to follow us on Instagram and twitter for the latest news!

Thanks for chatting to us Abby Kutiwa!

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