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“Get It All” by Kenzo

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“Get It All” by Kenzo

From the X-Factor to Get It All, meet 21-year-old Kenzo from South-West London whose passion for music started very early on.

“I used to stand in front of the TV and sing” she says, “primary school I was just doing it and then when I started secondary school I joined the choir and it just took off from there really. I created a group with three amazing women and we started singing together, doing shows and then we finally applied for X-Factor… It wasn’t an easy journey but it was definitely worth the experience!”

Her latest track “Get It All” is the product of studio session with producer Delirious, “we were both waved” she explains, “I started humming and saying random stuff. I started with ‘I want it all’ and then just flew with it.”

Check out her tune below and as far as what you can expect from her, Kenzo is “coming with a new song, something fresh that nobody else is doing. A whole load of visuals and new music. Maybe even an EP. So look out.”


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