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The Zine focused on Women in Streetwear – ‘FEM’ by Nicole Chui

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The Zine focused on Women in Streetwear – ‘FEM’ by Nicole Chui

Introducing FEM zine.

We’re so here for women creating space to tell the stories that are most important to them and FEM is an example of exactly that. Founded by Nicole Chui for her “final major project at university” Fem explores influential brands like Stussy, Fuct and X-Girl, and the history of streetwear.

Fem Zine RONIEBOND Feature

“I realized there weren’t many female-led print publications focused on representing the work and stories of young women who participate in streetwear and subculture. I myself am really into DIY and the whole zine culture: always buying and admiring zines like Polyester, Season or Born n Bread because of how unique yet culturally relevant their perspectives are. So, to me it made sense to express the project ‘Fem’ in a print form.”

The title is a mix between the slang word Fam with a dash of Fem-ininity. “Most importantly, it’s direct, and you know it’s gonna to be about females!” Nicole says.

Fem Zine RONIEBOND Feature

This zine was imagined for Stussy as the client, an OG streetwear label that’s catered to guys and girls with a DIY history that’s resonated with young international audiences.

“You’ll notice that there are three zines,”, Nicole explains “but they’re not just three different covers —they’re three individual zines. Each one is inspired by each of Stussy’s subcultural influences: surf, skate and hip hop. They feature interviews, photography, written word and artwork from really cool females that participate and appreciate both streetwear and each subculture. You can buy one at www.femfamzine.bigcartel.com . I’m hoping to send them to someone at Stussy Women soon!”

Fem Zine RONIEBOND Feature

The tagline of the project is, “Exploring female identities in streetwear and subculture.” And Nicole hopes to “champion the females who are making waves and genuinely doing something dope for streetwear, subculture and DIY. I’d like it to be a community that everyone can have a say in and develop creative/life collaborations, regardless of whatever race, gender, identity they are.”

“The core attitude of ‘Fem’ is DIY, it is for those who don’t wait for authorities or society to approve what they do in order to make something they want, happen.”

Instagram — @femfamzine
Founder: Instagram— @nicolemmapearl / Web _ www.nicoleemmapearlchui.com

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