Best of the ‘Gram #RONIEBOND Top 8

We’ve been more focused on Instagram lately so it’s only right that we introduced a new weekly story to RONIEBOND.COM. It’s the ultimate roundup of our fave Insta posts. In each week’s round up we’ll focus on the waviest beauty, style and culture content.
If you wanna get involved, use the #roniebond hashtag on your Instagram post. Enjoy the best of this week on Instagram below.

Stuntin on your opp

Summer in the UK is essentially done so this breath of fresh air from our babes Ayesha is an entire mood. Caption.. “When you see your opp across the street but you’re unphased cos your bank account is healthy” πŸ™‚

Ten Toes to the world

If you haven’t already heard of Ten Toes, allow us to introduce you to the wavy black-owned slider brand that is really and truly for the culture. You can cop your pair here.

Maybe in a couple of years we’ll recover from the #roniebondparty, our first party was actually a shut down and this is a snap of one of the looks served a the event. Suelen was. not. playing.

Shauna Shadae *lovestruck*

Them vocals tho!! Shauna is an emerging songstress whose track ‘Mi Like’ kept us going through summer. Check out the #782Playlist for more vibes

Black Girl Problems

Being indecisive in the hair shop, like do I get it in a 1B or 1

A post shared by MANNA (@mcleodmanna) on

As the weather is switching up, a lot of us black girls are finding out how impractical our summer hairstyles are for this cold weather – I mean who has time to be wetting up your curly hair to define the curls and then walking around 10 degree London with cold hair? Pneumonia? No thanks.

Oh Honey!

Naomi Kaji is the wavy ass stylist and model from London. The type of girl who can make us all want them yellow glasses (and her, and her whole outfit). #NEEDWANTNOW

Elegushi, Nigeria

WCW Sera Bellum who probably has the best curated Instagram on the planet is in Naij and she’s giving us all travel envy. This picture is so full of texture and richness, it needs to be framed.


We kicked of fashion week last week with an i-D x Jeremy Scott party and somehow this picture happened. Iconic. Wish you was there ahhaa


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