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Dalia Dias, The provocateur behind Wizkid, Cardi-B and B-Young.

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Dalia Dias, The provocateur behind Wizkid, Cardi-B and B-Young.

Dalia Dias, is the Nigerian-Egyptian Creative Director from North London whose work has already infiltrated your psyche and UOENOIT. “How can you have a song called ‘Twerk’ and not take it to a whole new level?” she asked when we discussed her latest huge feat, the viral all-female music video for the City Girls x Cardi B anthem. Here’s everything you need to know about what it’s like working with City Girlz and taking up space as a woman in a male dominated industry.


Introduce yourself for those who don’t know you, who are you? And what do you do?

My name is Dalia Dias. I am a Creative Director, Video Director and Photographer. I am based in London but I travel frequently and I love to explore new places. 

For a dummy, what is Creative Direction and how did you get started? 

The role of a Creative Director is different depending on the field you are in. For instance, a creative director in product design can be totally different to a creative director of a marketing company. As a creative director in the visual arts and video world, my main responsibility is to come up with detailed concepts and ideas for the team to execute. This can either be for a music video or a shoot. My ideas, vision and direction often comes from a cultural reference and personal standpoint. Other times it can be a random idea or narrative that would just simply be dope to watch, or sometimes it can be using the identity and branding of my client and really running with it, so that their image is being represented in a fun but authentic way. 

You’ve worked on a whole host of projects but your most recent video for Cardi x City Girls “Twerk” is pretty iconic, what was the creation process like? What was it like working with Cardi, City Girls, Flex God Dapps ALL THE TWERKING WOMEN? Where did you find the girls?

The video for Twerk was most certainly a fun shoot to Creative Direct. From start to finish, I enjoyed every moment of it. As soon as Daps hit me up and I heard the song I knew it was ‘go hard or go home’ with this one. We spoke to Cardi and Miami on the phone, and ran over the ideas with them and they loved it! Not to mention that both Cardi B and Yung Miami are absolutely hilarious so it was definitely a vibe from the jump and easy to work with them. I mean, how can you have a song called ‘Twerk’ and not take it to a whole new level?

“The City Girls and Cardi B are running the game in the hip hop industry and thats exactly the tone and the message of the video. The fact that women are doing it big, we have every right to celebrate our wins and we don’t need men to be around us, even when it comes down to having a good time! That’s why it was very important to me that we make it a women only zone and have absolutely no men in the video. ” – Dalia Dias

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