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Camille Munn-Francis on Beauty, Activism & Realness

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Camille Munn-Francis on Beauty, Activism & Realness

You couldn’t put her in a box if you tried and her big secret is her incredible singing talent: the type of voice you would never expect from a woman with such a slim and elegant frame.  We caught up with Camille and talked everything from beauty to BLACKLIVES.



It made sense to link up with wild child activist and multidisciplinary creative Camille, at the Brutalist Estate that is Robin Hood Gardens. We joke that we’re in a time warp, stuck in “This is England” London as we look across to the new East London from our 1972 vantage point: glass skyscrapers and pretty blocks of flats. Moments away from demolition, this E14 estate is a symbol of old London.

Standing in the midst of it all is Camille, the long-legged model with an afro and pink tinted shades.

I like the Internet, like, this is good, this is different. It’s mainstream but it’s got something to it. I just like what I like. You know what I mean? There’s not a rule book for fashion, you do what you want to do.. Do your thing!

One time my skin just went horrible and I was breaking out so bad. I’d be breaking out then I’d use the concealer and break out again. Obviously you get conscious when you’re breaking out, it’s like my God, I need to cover them but then covering them is not gonna help.People think eurgh this spotty girl, does she not wash her face? Just let me go through this phase of being unfleeky and I’ll get fleeked up when the skin’s all good. One of the girls was like use black soap and vitamin E oil… That’s what I like, people giving you tips and it actually works!

Our parents generation and up were the people who were like, let’s pray this out.We’re the generation that are like, ok, sometimes you need to go out there and make this happen for yourself.



So there’s this whole thing with #BLACKLIVESMATTER and it’s funny because when I went to the protest, a lot of black men and women were obviously making comments via social media like, is this going to help? In a certain way I can understand why, some people are ignorant in that way where “what is standing there screaming going to do?”

We’ve got to think of generations to come, of our children and their children. I don’t want to lay to rest and think I haven’t done anything to change this.

I think one thing that’s good is how we can get a message across in a split second. As soon as you click that button – boom. And that’s what’s helped the black community, and that’s all we need to keep doing. Positive gestures within our own community. We need a lot of support and we’ll get there anyway and it will not be in vain.

We’re expecting an EP from Camille soon but in the meantime, stay in the loop by stalking her social for regular slayage.



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