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Black and British on the BBC – it’s lit.


Black and British on the BBC – it’s lit.

The Black and British series on the BBC is an incredibly important step for the Black British identity and you need to check it out.

Hi, we’re roniebond.com and we’re Black British. In all honesty though, being Black British has often been attached to the American Black identity as it’s generally accepted that African-Americans are the Universal face of Blackness.

Black History is not generally ‘known’, the little that is known is centred around post-slavery life in America, Civil Rights etc and as much as we’re black and we stand united with our brothers and sister across the globe when it comes to a lot of that stuff, sorry, but we can’t relate.

A lot of Black British people still have direct links to the place from where our melanin comes. Even though Caribbean people whose ancestors got to the Caribbean via the transatlantic slave trade, they too probably cannot relate to the vast majority of American post-slavery history. Since slavery, Caribbean islands have been through various cultural shifts and the identity of it’s inhabitants has significantly evolved as a result of those cultural shifts. So like I said, a lot of that African-American history… Sorry but, can’t relate.

Today there are more Black-British people of African decent than of Caribbean decent so being Black-British is more likely synonymous with a deeper connection to Nigerian, Ghanaian, Seirra Leonian (etc) customs so once again, African-American history? Can’t relate.

I say all this to point out that before now there had never been a prominent series that specifically targeted, acknowledged and discussed the Black-British identity as it is. I’m talking Grime Music, the Evolution of 80s Soul, the successful Black British faces that we see on TV today and associate ourselves with.

If you haven’t watched Black is the New Black you’re probably a turtle because it is an open, frank, never before had discussion about the Black British experience and it is important. We as Black British people are offered a new point of reference for our identity which we (Black-British people) have always been aware of, but this identity has never before been acknowledged by mass media aka the BBC in this way.

Here are the list of shows you should watch if you’re Black and British.

Black is the New Black

The entire series is peng. Visually engaging. Frank and beautifully shot.

Black and British: A Forgotten History

I found this one a little bit pretentious at times as I think plaques are kinda like a bit pretentious. But it’s interesting to see all this blackness in British history dug up and explored.

Roots, Reggae, Rebellion

Akala is bae. Akala in Jamaica is bae. Reggae is bae. It’s lit.

A.Dot’s Story of Grime

Aside from the fact that A.Dot is peng and has bars for days, this is a stupidly cool Grime documentary, I only wished the Grimear, looked more like Wrestlemania in an actual cage and stuff, yknow, the theatrics woulda been great.

Will Britain Ever Have a Black Prime Minister?

This one was funny because like all the Black British people probably already knew and understood the facts shared in this doc but to see all the odds in plain English was interesting.

Jazzie B’s 1980s: From Dole to Soul

The story behind one of the most timeless tracks of modern history is one of cultural appropriation, black entrepreneurship in a time of incredible struggle and a beautiful lesson in branding.

Soul to Soul Back to Life



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