Bells & Zibs

Bella and Zeinab are the creative duo behind the new YouTube channel Bells & Zibs. Roniebond caught up with the duo to talk beauty products, ambitions and life.

There’s nothing as lit as working on a sick project with your best friend so in that respect Bella & Zeinab have won at life. They kicked off their YouTube channels Bells and Zibs like three months ago and have since been churning out wicked and hilarious vids like this amazing Glossy Lid tutorial by Bella and Zeinab’s Storytime.

“This road is a dream!” exclaims Zeinab and Bella almost immediately puts a date on it, “2025” she adds, it’s like they’re two sides of the same coin. We met up on West London’s Elgin Crescent, surrounded by million pound townhouses in pastel shades. The sunshine is glorious, our highlights are popping so it only made sense to discuss what magic can happen when people work together.

We spoke about Zeinab and Bella’s favourite beauty products, fave YouTubers and #goals, check out the full interview below.

RonieBond: We discussed the importance of building your team and working with people that share your vision, how did your partnership come about, how long have you been friends for?

Zeinab: We’ve been friends since the first day we moved into uni accommodation in first year ( last year) Actually 2 years ago now, it was 2015 and we just kinda clicked!

Isabella: Yeah, I feel like we kinda knew it was going to be us two that clicked well in the group we were in.We just didn’t know we’d be practically inseparable!
Z: I know right, we are literally with each other all the time!

R: So what made you go from friends to partners on this YouTube channel?

I: I feel like especially last year, our lives were basically a reality show. Like people would actually keep up with us on snapchat.

Z: Yeah and we went to New York together and we started thinking about how we should be vlogging this but we just didn’t know how to…

R: I think your videos are different though! Or is it because I know you personally?

I:  We definitely get inspiration from our favourite YouTubers, but I feel like we’re different in terms of the UK scene, especially because we’re a pair.

Z: Yeah and I feel as though a lot of YouTubers focus either on this bkchat vibe or make up but they’re not consistent with it. There aren’t a lot of duo YouTubers in the UK that are consistent.

R: I do think we needed more Black British Vloggers and the universe has responded! Who are your personal faves? And how do you feel about lots of new YouTubers?

I: I’d say my favourites are; Casey Neistat, Annie Drea, Aaliyahjay, Kay and Kosh and ZIAS
They’re all so different but consistent as well as entertaining – I think it’s so cool how people are finding new ways to be creative, it’s definitely a positive distraction from what’s going on in the world.
Z: I love the fact there are new British YouTubers, it’s so great to see other creatives… There’s a space for all of us. My fav Youtubers? ZIAS, Jamie and Nicki, Chrissie Milan, Kay and Kosh, Alissa Ashley and Aaliyah Jay.


R: You’ve basically listed all our faves too! Especially Alissa Ashley now I’m rocking the blonde look she’s defo my go to. There are a lot of beauty channels on their too, what are your personal fave products?

Z: Sleek contour kit in medium – essential, BECCA champagne pop highlighter, Nars sheer glow foundation, Nyx butter gloss… TBH I could go on forever but I’m more into skincare at the moment so I haven’t really looked at new products but those are some of my faves.
I: Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, NARS creamy concealer, LA pro concealer, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz.

R: 2017, what can we expect from your channel?

I: I definitely want to be able to create cool visuals, in our daily and travel vlogs.. Hopefully some cool collaborations with other YouTubers & brands… Creating more content that we enjoy for ourselves and our growing subscribers.
Z: Bella literally said it all! the aim is to have 100,000 subscribers by the end of the year of our YouTube which is definitely achievable… Or be on track to having that.. Videos to expect? Definitely skin care, story times, motivation, cooking!

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