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Amanda Char


If you’ve ever used the Instagram app, you’ve probably come across Amanda Char. Part activist, part model, part major style inspo, she’s the type of person you’d want to keep around you – to get lit with and also to check you when you’re stuck up your own ass! Wanna know more? Keep reading.

Hey babe, tell us about yourself and your hustle?

Other than being the “public figure” or “model” what nearly everyone knows me as, I’m literally a small town girl that makes something out of anything and everything that’s given to me. So whether that’s collaborating with brands in exchange for promo or allowing myself to engage with people over social media – I hustle using all the facilities that are right in front of me, that way it doesn’t feel like too much of a job.

You’ve been featured in some amazing videos and campaigns but you don’t primarily identify yourself as a model, how did you find yourself in that space and being presented with those types of opportunities?

If I’m being completely honest, I’ve just been blessed with the opportunity to get to know certain artists on a personal level, so when it came to the work side of things they honestly just put me on because I’m cool with them and they knew what I was capable of. So let’s just call it favour!

With social media and instagram and all this jazz, what we tend to see is a certain type of girl frequently on our explore page, and in the media in general. So when we see a young queen like yourself, us girls get hype. What has it been like for you, being a role model for so many girls and women?

Listen. Black is beautiful, always was, always will be. Whether it’s a lighter or darker tone, it is VERY ignorant to categorise how beautiful one may be according to their skin tone. I just thank God that I’ve been blessed with a strong character when it comes to what actually matters in life, so when it comes to social media and people’s opinion on social media, I don’t really give it much attention because at the end of the day, social media IS NOT REAL LIFE. It’s even more of a blessing to get people from the public letting me know how much I inspire them, all I’ve ever prayed for is for me to be blessed to be a blessing to others, so if being that DARK SKINNED public figure is what I need to be in order for young black girls to be confident in every aspect of who they are, then by all means let’s get this show on a roll!

Do you ever feel pressure to conform to a certain standard of being?

Nope, never. It’s probably narrow minded to not feel pressure sometimes… but one thing I’ve learnt and still learning is that life is too short to not be yourself. So many people break their backs for other people’s acceptance, some even go broke or heartbroken just trying to fit in a certain lifestyle they think they have to live up to.. and to be honest I pray for those people to break out of the cage they boxed themselves into.. Be yourself! Everyone else is taken.

Five years ago, what would you have envisioned yourself doing? We wouldn’t have really expected that social media would present us, as humans, with big opportunities, being a YouTuber is like a full-time job now, did you always want to operate as a voice within the media space?

If I’m being 100% real, I thought I would have still been with my long term boyfriend, graduated from university, started my teaching course but God works in mysterious ways right?! I’ve always been a creative, from the age of 3 performing arts was my life, but after going through a disastrous break up, leaving uni and having to find myself all over again – I never pictured myself being the public figure that I am but it all started to make sense when I combined my creative skills and my social media – which obviously led to the modelling/music video features and more.

What, ultimately do you want to communicate with your followers and the world and your community?

I just want to encourage everyone to be who they wanna be. I know you’ve heard it before, it’s probably the most cliche saying known to man kind but CHASE YOUR DREAMS. I know it’s easier said than done, but when you realise that God gave you a life the same way he gave one to me, you’ll learn how to live it to the fullest. Because again, this life is SO short and we all know this so why waste time living a life you’re not really and truly trying to live? I just wanna be 70 years old and my grandma chair telling my grandkids what a life I lived, and hopefully that inspires them to live they’re life too.

Three words, the most important things to you?

GOD, Family and happiness. I don’t even need to explain much, but without the 3, I wouldn’t be who I am and be able to do what I want to do.


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