782 Playlist December 18th Update

One thing I’m definitely forcing myself to learn is discipline because no matter how much of an amazing free spirit you are, you need discipline to get shit done. If I was a bit more disciplined, I’d have stuck to the 782 initial vision, the single, evolving playlist of everything I’m listening to. But instead, over the last couple weeks I ended up making four other playlists like R&B, Throwback, Best of Majid Jordan, Dessert, Catch a Vibe…. and then I thought wait…! Don’t lose sight of the vision.

So yeah, the 782 is back, kinda…

It’s been a weird week. I broke up with my friend recently lol. You know it’s weird because regular friendship breakups aren’t the same as boyfriend breakups where you straight up say it and boom it’s over. Regular friendship breakups take a bit longer to fizzle out and a bit longer for you to notice the new void in your social circle. So that’s probably why Kendrick’s Growing Apart Too has been on my radar.

But Donae’o’s Black is obviously there to remind me to protect my energy! And wear black lol.. Anyway, check out the playlist.

  1. Neighbours by J Cole
  2. Growing Apart (To Get Closer) by Kendrick Lamar
  3. Black by Donae’o
  4. Ouuu (Remix) by Cadet

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