14 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week

We’re back with the bangers! Here are the tracks we love right now in no particular order.

1. ELEMENT. by Kendrick Lamar – Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. is laced with riddles and hidden messages but this track is quite simply a multidimensional vibe you can bop your head to in the ride with a simple reminder to make everything look sexy.

2. LOVE (feat. Zacari) by Kendrick Lamar – I couldn’t not include LOVE! I’m a sucker for a sarft song so it’s no wonder this track stands out to me on the album DAMN.

3. Fear No One by Kojo Funds – On Monday Julie Adenuga hosted the littiest Beats1 session which included a live performance from Kojo Funds. DJ P Montana was of course spinning this tune ‘Fear No One’, a braggy, gangsta anthem of the newly labelled Afro-Swing genre.

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4. Saved by Khalid – Thank God for Renell’s Snapchat! Earlier this week she shared this adorable but slightly melancholic love song by Khalid from his new project American Teen.

5. Bad (feat Not3s, Kojo Funds & Eugy) by Juls – More Kojo Funds!? Yes, this time featuring Eugy and Not3s too on “Bad”. Play this one loud in your speakers with your shades on bust a cheeky whine while you’re at it.

6. Blem by Drake & 7. Glow by Drake (feat. Kanye West) – Sorry I can’t get over #MoreLife BLEM is still a tune. And while the sun is out singing “watch out for me about to GLOW” is still a necessary evil, thank you for that line Kanye!

8. No Don by Lotto Boys – Oh yeah and on Julie’s Beats1 session Lotto Boyzzz performed “No Don” too, this is what the tune is actually meant to sound like.

9. You Alright Yeah? by Don-E & Nado – Am I the only one who’s been hibernating while the sun wasn’t out? This is what I’ll be seeing to everyone I haven’t seen in a while “How’s your mum she good yeah?”

10. Come Closer (feat. Drake) by Wizkid – Stillll not over the Come Closer video and still not over this tune!! Still not over Wizkid!

11. Mask Off by Future – Future has a penchant for creating hypnotic tracks about drugs and this track has Coachella written over it.

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12. Turning by Camille Munn – Our girl Camille hit us with the video for this tune a lil while back and it’s been on repeat ever since. Artwork by @eman_unaji

13. Orion’s Belt by Sabrina Claudio – Sabrina Claudio seems to be saying everything I’m thinking but in a more poetic and beautiful way – if you haven’t listened to “Confidently Lost” go do it now.

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14. Do Not Disturb by Drake –  “All the things you need you still want problems tho” Like I said I’m still not over #MORELIFE and this is my fave song off the Playlist to booom. Enjoy!

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